Because we can and its never been done before.

The iBallDome is a convergence of two proven technologies, that of the whats-in-the-iballdomeplanetarium and of differential air pressure structures.  As the iBDs seating is not fixed, it will be used as a venue for theatre, circus, conferences, sporting events, weddings, corporate functions and live music.

And at night the magic of 360°, full dome projection, sets the iBD apart from any other portable venue. Movies ranging from breathtaking thrill rides, tranquil under water scapes and journeys to distant suns, to scifi adventures will be showing.

If you thought 3D is amazing, then this will blow you away. Full dome projection is the cinema of the future. The immersive display with simultaneous high resolution and wide field of view excites nearly the entire retina. This gives the viewer a strong sense of presence, invoking the opto-vestibular response in brain for that thrill-ride experience. In other words, your brain thinks its there, so your body responds in turn.shock